Attestation – Return to School After Illness

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When your child has been away from school due to an illness, please complete the attestation for each child in your home that attends Bracebridge PS.

Please remember the 3 options in order to return:

  1. Your child received a negative Covid19 test result
  2. Your child has a Dr. note confirming the symptoms were not related to Covid 19
  3. Your child has isolated at home for 10 days and symptoms have improved

When a sibling has a symptom, all other siblings in the home must also wait for the ill sibling to obtain one of the above options in order to return to school.  Only the child with symptoms is required to be tested etc.

If the symptoms are related to a pre-existing condition, that is not related to Covid19, the student may return to school when they feel better and testing/isolation is not required. ex) chronic headaches, allergies