Maintaining a Focus

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Everyone has now received a mid-term Progress Report or Communication of Learning for their child and has had the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher, and Early Childhood Educator in the case of kindergarten.  You now have a picture of how your child is progressing at school this year and have a good idea for the direction they are heading.  So now what?  Helping your child understand their goals for learning and development and helping them stay focused on making small gains over time is an important role parents and caregivers play.  There are many distractions in our world such as electronics, social media and other such activites and events in our lives.  A parent and caregiver can help their child maintain a focus on learning by helping them set routines, make some time in their busy days for school activities, such as reading or reflecting on school activities, as well as noticing and identifying for them the areas they see growth and improvement.  This feedback and reflection is an important part of the learning process and adults at home play a key role.