Formal Education in Bracebridge Dates Back to The Year 1866

The first attempt at formal education in Bracebrdige was begun in 1866 by a teenage boy who taught in a small private building near the falls.  When municipal organization took place in 1868, the trustees rented temporary classroom space in the Orange Hall for the SS#1 Macaulay students who lived within the area of the growing hamlet of Bracebridge.  As the community developed, three school buildings were erected in various locations that eventually became the Village of Bracebridge schools upon its incorporation as a village separated from Macaulay (1875).

A large central school was built on McMurray Street in 1880 and it later was enlarged to incorporate Continuation School classes as well.  That building was superceded by the original section of today’s Bracebridge Public School which officially opened on October 27, 1958.  A celebration of 50 years took place in the Fall of 2008 at the school. 

From 1907 to 1932 a second school was operated in what was known as the fourth Ward, a section of town that contained several thriving industries.

The principals at Bracebridge Public School have been: 

Neil Haight (1958-Dec.1971), Al Peever (Jan. 1972-1977), John Purdon (1977-1983), Jack Puntis (1983-1984), Gerry Bildson (1984-Jan.-1987), Brian Veitch (Feb. 1987-1988), Dave Mahon (1988-1992), Wendy Slattery (1992-1999), Pat Spray (1999- 2002), Paul Goldring (2002-2006), Erika Skala-Black (2006 – 2011), Mary Lou Lefler (2011 – 2014), Ken Waddell (2014 – present).

information courtesy of Educating Muskoka District by Gary Denniss