School Organization for 2018/2019

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The end of the school year is just around the corner and soon the calendar will flip to June.  The month of June is typically a very busy month at school with many end-of-year activities and opportunities for students to consolidate all that they have learned during this school year.

As we bring this school year to a close, thoughts of what’s to come for the next school year are often on everyone’s mind.  School staff are currently involved in organizing our school for the 2018/2019 school year.  Students and families will be informed of who their teacher will be and who’s class they will be in by a phone call on Thursday, August 3oth, 2018.  There are many changes taking place and changes will continue to take place right through the summer, so we want to make sure we have our school organization sorted out as clearly as possible before we share it with families to try and avoid any upset or confusion.

When determining class make-up, school staff take into account many different factor including Ministry of Education guidelines for class sizes, the number of students in each grade, balance of girls & boys, personalities and working groups as well as students with special needs.  If parents have a request for placement next year, please provide it in writing to the office by Friday, June 1st.   Please note that some requests may not be granted, but every effort will be made to make accommodations and ensure a successful school year for all.