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Help your 5 -13 year old child achieve ideal health by getting the sleep they need.

  • Set a consistent bed-time and wake-time for your child (even on weekends) that allows for at least 9-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.
  • Encourage your child to establish a relaxing bedtime routine that includes reading, taking a bath or listening to music.
  • Set up a sleeping space for your child that is cool, dark and quiet.
  • Keep the television, tablet, computer and cell phone out of your child’s bedroom – they interfere with natural sleep cycles.
  • Discourage caffeinated products as they may interfere with your child’s ability to fall asleep.
  • Encourage your child to get into bright light in the morning.
  • Be a good role model – talk to your child about the importance of sleep and set the tone by making sleep a priority in your life.

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