Sliding at BPS

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Sliding is a fun, wintertime activity enjoyed by all.  BPS is please to offer students the opportunity to enjoy sliding at school during morning or afternoon recess.  In order to keep the school yard safe for everyone, the following guidelines for sliding must be followed:

  • Only plastic sleds with handles are allowed.  No wooden or metal toboggans and no racer sleds with steering wheels are allowed.  All sleds must be approved by school staff before use.
  • Anyone using a sled or toboggan MUST wear a CSA approved winter sports helmet (i.e., hockey helmet or ski/snowboard helmet) at all times
  • Students may slide on the hill on their snow pants without a helmet

All students must follow the Sliding Rules at Bracebridge Public School School at all times.

The following restrictions must be followed by all students using the sliding hill:

  • Students my slide in the designated sliding area of the school yard during first or second recess only.  Sliding is not permitted before the start of the school day.
  • Students may only slide on the hill when staff supervision is present and they are given the signal to go ahead.
  • The sliding area may be closed if the conditions are icy / unsafe or if staff supervision is unavailable.
  • Students must follow the Tobogganing Rules for BPS at all times.

Rules for tobogganing at school have been created in consultation with school staff and the OPHEA Safety Guidelines for schools.  Your cooperation is appreciated.