Staggered Start at BPS

Please see the following list for start dates:

The first week, your child only attends 1 day.  The second week, your child attends 3 days.

September 8 – last names A to C
September 9 – last names D to J
September 10 – last names K to P
September 11 – last names R to Z
September 14/15 – last names A to J
September 16/17 – last names K to Z
September 18 – All students in attendance

*siblings attend on the same day. If a sibling has a different last name, they are to attend by the last name that comes first in the alphabet.

Example:  if your last name is Cline your child would come to school on September 8th and then again September 14, 15 & 18

If you children have different last names example, Cline and Waters, they would both attend under the letter C.