Terry Fox Donations

Dear BPS Families,

Terry Fox once said “Anything is possible if you try”, so that’s why this year we are going to do the ‘Try Like Terry Challenge’ to honour his legacy. 

BPS has been doing the Terry Fox School Run for 21 years and in total, we have raised $14,342.32.

With the ‘Try Like Terry’ Challenge, we want to fundraise $700 this year by setting a goal that we can work towards every student donating $2 if you are able to help accomplish Terry’s goal of ultimately ending cancer!

There are multiple ways to donate this year! Please click on the below link to donate online


as well:

Classroom teachers can collect money this week.  We will also have a Terry Fox donation jar available at the BPS “Meet the Teacher Night” this Thursday, September 22 between 5pm and 6:30pm

Deadline for donations is October 7, 2022

BPS Challenges!

If we raise $500 we will have a  Pyjama Day!

If we raise $700 Mr. Davis will have a bucket of water dumped on his head!

If we raise $800 Mrs. A. Ovell will have a bucket of water dumped on her head!

If we raise $900 Ms. Racki will dye her hair!

If we raise $1000 Mrs. Hills will take a cream pie to the face!

Remember to try like Terry!



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