Wintery Weather

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Winter weather arrived in Muskoka this past weekend.  It is important that students come to school dressed properly for the weather so they are able to spend time outside having fun.  Students are expected to be outside during before the start of the school day and during both recesses.  Students may also spend time outside during physical education classes or for inquiry & exploratory learning.   Being dressed properly for the weather helps make these experiences a positive one.  Mitts, hats and boots are key winter weather clothing and snowpants are strongly recommended.  Students are discouraged from wearing scarfs as they can come loose and become a choking hazard on playground equipment.  Neck warmers are a preferred option over scarfs.

Our school rules for outside during the winter include:

  • snow stays on the ground at all times (i.e., no throwing, kicking or placing snow on others)
  • no sliding on ice on the tarmac
  • sliding on the hill is only permitted with adult permission (i.e., when conditions are safe and adult supervision is present)

Your cooperation is appreciated.